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I help clarify and implement an organizations digital vision to maximize business goals.

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Identify business opportunities, Identify unmet customer need, Develop vision & initiatives.

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Change the industry efforts in senior / CXO roles in media,
f500 & startup organizations.

nucleus research production site

Case Study:

Nucleus Research »

Nucleus Research, a global provider of research and advisory services, wanted to revisit their online presence and commerce strategy.

With the recent influx of press coverage, new research, and press releases, it was becoming difficult to keep the offline and online systems in sync.

digital strategy: all pieces of the online strategy puzzle

Of Interest:

What is a Digital Strategy?

The process of specifying an organization's vision, initiatives and processes in order to deploy their online assets in a manner which maximizes the business benefits they provide to the organization.  source: wikipedia

online strategy: one piece of the digital strategy puzzle

Of Interest:

What about Online Strategy?

Today, being online means more than a website: it can include mini-sites, mobile sites, digital audio and video content, rich Internet applications, community groups, banner ads, search engine marketing, affiliate programs, and more. While each online asset may have their individual online strategy, a digital strategy comprehensively addresses all these online assets with an eye towards enhancing data driven decision making, development of more customized / personalized offerings and interactions, and ultimately deeper interactions with customers.

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