Case Study:

Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research, a global provider of research and advisory services, wanted to revisit their online presence and commerce strategy.


With the recent influx of press coverage, new research, and press releases, it was becoming difficult to keep the offline and online systems in sync. In addition, listings of research didn't scratch the surface of what topics Nucleus had available in its research library. My job was to propose and implement a new online presence which would showcase their research assets while safeguarding access to specific research to distinct customer groups.


After a through evaluation of the competitive marketplace, a proof of concept effort was presented, refined after several iterations, and a full scale redesign was initiated.


I conducted preliminary research, gathered input from domain experts, liaised with Nucleus Research senior staff on direction and scope, selected the content management system and guided search methodology, and led the mockup and development effort. Black Sheep Research coded the guided search efforts, and mediacollaborative crafted the logo / branding elements.

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