Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research

Innovative guided search applied to research repository.

(Producer, info architect)

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stage 1 ventures

Stage 1 Ventures

Capital solutions for early stage entrepreneurs. Standard and mobile site.

(Producer, visual designer)

the bus dev group


The company with connections


proof of concept site

Funding Prototype

Music instruction portal proof of concept.


delfigo security


strong authentication platform to reduce identity theft.

(Market & product development)



website for custom canvas factory. Extensive photo collection.

(Producer, visual designer)



Innovative open source web content management system. Several efforts underway.

(Producer, info architect, visual designer)


Project Z

community site meets ROI. Coming soon - stay tuned.

(Producer, info architect)

Scout troop 565

A good turn

Web site for boy scout troop 565 of Smithtown, NY.

(Producer, visual designer)

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