I help clarify and implement an organizations digital vision to maximize business goals.

I focus on managing the creation of a digital strategy to deploy online assets (sites: web/mini/mobile, audio & video content, rich internet applications, community groups, banner ads, search engine marketing, affiliate programs) in a cohesive manner that maximizes the benefits they provide to an organization.

My projects typically involve the deployment of one or more online initiatives based on market research and evaluation. My clients include established and startup companies.

I am often involved in the conceptual stage of a project. My role as a strategist usually combines aspects of a researcher, developer, business planner, and project manager. I work closely with project sponsors, designers, programmers, and can bring in additional resources to meet initiatives goals.

I am comfortable with producing large-scale online initiatives and complex web applications. The projects I find most satisfying change the way a market and company addresses customer needs.

Unique Process

Identify business opportunities, Identify unmet customer need, Develop vision & initiatives.

Today, being online means much more than just a website - to start, it includes mini-sites, mobile sites, blogs, digital audio and video content, rich internet applications, community groups, banner & text ads, search engine marketing and affiliate programs. How a company addresses each of these initiatives to meet their organizational goals is key in todays global marketplace. In short: a digital strategy is needed.

I perform research to uncover the key opportunities and / or challenges in a business where these activities can provide a solution & identify the unmet needs and goals of customers that align with those key opportunities and / or challenges.

I apply these findings in a multitude of ways. Depending on the project, my deliverables may include technical assessment reports, competitive analysis, business plan development, proof of concept efforts, or overhaul / redesign.

My background has given me the skills necessary to address these initiatives in way that meets the technical and business goals each organization faces.


Change the industry efforts in senior / CXO roles in media,
f500 & startup organizations.

My professional experience includes work as Technical Officer of a Fortune 500 financial institution, Executive Director of a Bi-coastal computer industry testing laboratory, Executive Vice President of an early stage interactive marketing company, Chief Technology Officer of a venture-backed business to business exchange, Chief Technology Officer of a global cargo security tracking service, and a Entrepreneur in Residence for an early stage venture capital group.

All of these experiences share a common thread - create a strategy beyond the norm that changes the competitive landscape while meeting current and targeted customers unmet needs.

My work has received several awards, including 1st place in Palo Altos prestigious business plan competition and US / international patents.

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I can help you launch a digital strategy that grows your customer base and changes the competitive landscape.

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